Greek-Style Yogurt

What is Greek-style yogurt?

No matter your preference in fat content, flavours, additions (probiotics, etc.) and sweeteners, there’s no doubt a yogurt built for your tastes and interests. As if you didn’t have enough choice already, a wave of Greek-style yogurts has recently landed in grocery stores, all vying for your attention and grocery dollars. So, what is “Greek” yogurt, exactly?


Basically, Greek-style yogurt is a very thick and creamy yogurt that has been made by straining the whey from plain yogurt a few times to make it thicker. It can also have a tarter taste than standard yogurts, which can be either a good thing or a bad thing depending on your preferences and what you plan to use the yogurt for.


Most Greek-style yogurts are great for cooking because they generally hold up better than other yogurts when heated. The unflavoured version is also a fantastic option for making our Greek Tzatziki, in which case you can substitute it for the plain yogurt called for in the recipe.


What else can you do with Greek-style yogurt? Enjoy it on its own topped with berries (and maybe a drizzle of honey for sweetness?) or in a parfait with granola, or try the plain version as a substitute for a sour cream topping on nachos, chili and other Tex-Mex favourites.


Because there’s nothing simple and straightforward about the yogurt section of the dairy case, note that some Greek-style yogurts are available in low-fat or fat-free versions, and some of these may contain gelatin for thickening, which will change how they behave if you use them in cooking. The only way you’ll know is by reading the label.