How to Make Crackers

Making Crackers

Making homemade crackers is easier than you think! It can also be rewarding to put in the extra work to make your own crackers, so you know what ingredients go into them. Tips for making crackers: 

  • Stir to form a dough ball and knead gently to work in the flour. Before rolling out, sprinkle a small amount of flour on each side of dough to prevent sticking. 

  • Once dough is rolled thin, brush lightly with oil so that the toppings stick to the cracker, roll gently with a rolling pin to press toppings into the dough. 

  • Use a knife, bench scraper or pizza cutter to cut in both directions to form dough crackers. 

  • A bench scraper is also helpful for transferring crackers to a baking tray.

Try These:

  • Medium
    Buttery Soup Crackers

    These versatile crackers go well with soup or on their own as a quick snack.

  • Easy
    Whole Wheat Crackers

    Our whole wheat cracker dough comes together quickly using just 4 simple ingredients and then you have a choice of 3 different seasonings to top them off.

  • Medium
    Rustic Fennel Crackers

    Made with just a few ingredients, these homemade rustic crackers are the perfect addition to any charcuterie board and are sure to impress.