Indirect Grilling

How to Do Indirect Grilling

​Indirect grilling is a slow, low-heat method of cooking which transforms the barbecue into an outdoor oven. The food is not placed directly over the heat source. The lid on the barbecue is always closed during cooking. Heat is reflected inside the barbecue, which results in the food cooking slowly and evenly on all sides.

The indirect method is ideal for cooking whole chickens, turkeys, roasts and ribs. Pies, cakes and breads may also be baked on the barbecue using this method.

To use the natural gas barbecue for indirect grilling, preheat the barbecue according to manufacturer's instructions. Turn off the burner on one side. Place food on the unlit side of the barbecue. Close the lid and regulate the heat using the opposite burner. Maintain a medium heat of about 350°F (180°C).