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Planning a Cookie Exchange

The Cookie Exchange

Having a cookie exchange is a great way to get together with friends and can be a wonderful part of your holiday celebrations. The bonus is that you make multiple batches of 1 cookie and take home a variety of cookies and squares to enjoy during the holidays.  

There are different ways to set up your cookie exchange, but the easiest is for everyone to bake 1 kind of cookie or square and make enough to give every guest 6 or 12 of them. If you have a larger number of guests, they can bring 6 for each guest; if you have a smaller number of guests, they can bring 12. 

We have put together a list to help you plan and execute a memorable cookie exchange. 



One month ahead, send invitations to 8-10 people and outline the idea and the guidelines. Give address, time, and any directions to get people there. Include the following: 

  • All cookies and squares must be homemade. 
  • Reply 2-3 weeks before the date, if attending or not, so that others will know how many cookies to bring.  
  • When replying, each person should make note of any allergies and say what they are bringing so you do not end up with all the same cookies. Tell guests to label the cookies and keep a copy of the recipe handy. 



2-3 weeks before the event, contact those that have said they are coming and tell them: 

  • How many cookies they should bring so there is 6 or 12 per person. 
  • To package up the cookies in packages of 6 or 12. Or tell everyone to bring enough containers to pack their own. Be sure to have extra plastic bags or wrap on party day, just in case. 
  • To copy the recipe for each other person or send it to you to make copies. You could put your publishing skills to work and make a little cookbook. 
  • Also, let everyone know if there is a theme, dress code or prizes to be won. 


Party Day 

  • Give prizes for different categories – Most Unusual, Best Chocolate, Most Fun, Best for Kids, Best Vintage or Memory, and so on.  
  • Make room for all the cookies to be displayed. Set out savoury and sweet snacks and hot and cold drinks. 
  • Ask each person to say something about why they chose the recipe they brought. 
  • Give out recipes for all the cookies 


Good Cookie Exchange Cookies  

Any cookie or square could be taken to a cookie exchange. Here are some of our favourites, chosen because they make large recipes or are sturdy enough to travel to the party.