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All about Crepes

Crepes! Ooo la-la!

These thin French-style pancakes aren’t hard to make at home once you get the hang of flipping them.  Fill them with savoury fillings like mushrooms, chopped ham or chicken or sweet fillings like whipped cream, fresh fruit, chocolate hazelnut spread or whatever else you would like. Serve with a sauce or whipped cream, if you wish, for added flavour and presentation dazzle.

Watch to see how easy it is.


  • Difficult
    Simple Crepes

    This tender crepe can be used with any type of filling

  • Medium

    This crepe recipe contains sugar, browns more and is best for dessert crepes

  • Savoury Crepes
    • Lunch

      Smoked salmon and creamy avocado come together in this special-occasion luncheon dish.

    • Supper
      Crêpes With Mushroom Cream Sauce

      Add chopped cooked chicken or cubed ham to these great mushroom crepes.

    • Supper
      Chicken Apple and Brie Crêpes


      Serve them during the holidays or special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day. 

  • Sweet Crepes
    • Brunch

      We fill the crepes with creamy yogurt and fresh raspberries, then top them with more yogurt and raspberries as well as maple syrup and almonds.

    • Brunch
      Blackberry And Goat Cheese Crêpe Pockets

      This recipe makes delicate and versatile crepes with a tangy goat cheese and blackberry filling, but cream cheese and a different berry could be easily substituted.

    • Dessert
      Our Signature Crêpes Suzette

      A classic French dessert made our way with caramelized sugar, butter, and an orange and liquor twist.