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Movie Night Snacks

Easy Movie Snack Ideas

Setting the scene for the perfect movie night? Casting the right snacks for the right movie can be an important task. Here are some award-worthy recipes that anyone can make!


Featured in this menu plan

  • Easy

    Cook Time: 35 mins

    Makes 16 cups

  • Easy

    Cook Time: 5 - 10 mins

    Makes about 16 cups

  • Easy

    Cook Time: 0 mins

    French onion: Makes 1/3 cup Dill pickle: Makes 1/4 cup Spicy chipotle: Makes 1/2 cup


Recipe Ideas

  • Popcorn

    Kettle Corn
    For a down-to-earth feel, skip the red food colouring in this concession favourite.

    Grandma's Poppycock
    Grandma isn’t the only one to enjoy this Christmas classic.

    Candy Cane Popcorn Crunch
    Use up leftover candy canes or substitute with your favourite candy (Chocolate-covered peanuts, anyone?).

    A Trio of Dips
    Something for everyone! Great as popcorn seasonings or as dips with your favourite chips, crackers or vegetables.

  • Candy

    White Chocolate Munch Mix
    Try something different! Sub in semi-sweet chocolate chips for the white chocolate chips, pecans or almonds for the macadamia nuts.

    This chewy Canadian invention deserves a place in the movie night line-up.

  • Nuts

    Classic Nuts and Bolts
    Not just a Christmas classic! Great for any movie night.

    Nuts Noodles and Sticks
    Keep the kiddos happy and skip the wasabi peas for a less spicy mix.

    Holiday Nut Mix
    This is a great snack any time of year! Sub in hazelnuts for pecans or peanuts.

    Chili Orange Peanuts
    If you crave sweet and salty, then this is the snack for you!