Valentine's Day

Love is in the air...or is that just the smell of steak?

Knock the socks off your valentine or yourself with these delicious recipes. Whether you're a hopeless romantic obsessed with all things chocolate or you're an Anti-Valentine, we've got a Valentine's Day menu for you!

Recipes & More

Kids in the Kitchen

Making heart-shaped goodies is a quick and easy way to delight your family this Valentine’s Day. Here are some recipes you can make for your family or with your family to spread some love.

Menus to set the mood

All About Dessert

  • Cake
    Dark and Delicious Chocolate Cake with Rich Chocolate Frosting

    You can’t beat chocolate on chocolate. This decadently fudgy cake is made all the richer with coffee granules and buttermilk. Serve it at a birthday party or whenever you need an intense hit of chocolate.

  • Panna Cotta
    Buttermilk Panna Cottas

    In Italian, “panna cotta” means “cooked cream.” This molded custard dessert is flavoured with tangy buttermilk, almond extract and lemon peel and its topped with pomegranate gelatin.

  • Tiramisu
    Quick Tiramisu

    Tiramisu may seem complicated, but this light Italian dessert can actually be very quick to put together. We use store-bought ladyfingers to streamline the process.

  • Tarts
    Gingered Pear Tarts

    This elegant winter dessert is packed with fresh pears and candied ginger.

  • Mousse
    Raspberry Chocolate Mousse

    Chocolate mousse is great — but it’s even better when it’s layered over fresh or frozen raspberries. This rich dessert is also spiked with raspberry liqueur and crème de cacao.

  • Squares
    Browned Butter Blondies

    Cooking butter so the milk solids brown gives recipes an added depth of flavour and richness. These dessert bars have a distinctive browned butter flavour, which is complemented by the strawberries and sour cream.

  • Cream Puff
    Espresso Whipped Cream Cheese Choux Pastries
  • Cheesecake
    Classic Baked Cheesecake

    Serve this luscious cheesecake with a drizzle of your favourite dessert sauce.

Gifting Goodies

  • Squares
    One Bowl Brownies

    This fudgy indulgent brownie is super easy and comes together in a matter of minutes which makes it the perfect kid-friendly recipe or gift from the kitchen.

  • Cookies
    Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies

    A little bit of cream cheese will give your sugar cookies a softer, creamier texture and a richer taste. Roll out the dough and use your favourite cookie cutters to make the prettiest Valentine's Day cookies.

  • Cookies
    Raspberry Window Cookies

    These pretty sandwich cookies have a cutout on the top cookie, revealing the raspberry jam filling.

  • Gifts
    Chocolate Bombs

    Hot chocolate bombs have become a popular way to make hot chocolate and are a super fun activity for the whole family. Let us show you how to make these deliciously decadent chocolate treats using 3 simple ingredients.

  • Truffles
    Irish Cream Truffles

    Irish cream liqueur gives a distinctive flavour to these rich chocolate truffles. These are quick and easy to make, thanks to the help of a can of store-bought frosting.

  • Cookies
    Double Chocolate Cherry Cookies

    Chocolate and dried cherries are a terrific match. Keep some of these cookies on hand as a weeknight dessert or a special lunchbox treat.