Make it Mini

Make it Mini

Sometimes portion control is a good thing, especially when hosting a party. Whether it is a Halloween, Christmas, or birthday party having smaller portions helps to prevent overindulgence especially if there is an assortment of treats. By making it a mini you also avoid food waste. Here are some easy tips and tricks to help you modify your favourite recipes:

Directions Temperature Time
Cakes, Cupcakes & Muffins

Scoop batter into lined mini muffin pans.


10 - 12 minutes

Tarts & Quiches

Prebake tart shells according to package directions. 

Spoon filling into warm tart shells.


20 - 25 minutes


Place a premade cookie on the bottom of paper-lined muffin cups.

Fill 3/4 full with cheesecake filling. 


30 - 35 minutes


Drop batter by 1 tbsp onto paper-lined cookie sheet.


7 - 10 minutes


Cut sandwiches into quarters, use mini buns or croissants, or slice up wraps into wheels.



Burgers & Meatballs

Form ground meat mixture into 2 inch sliders or 1 inch meatballs.


10 - 15 minutes or until fully cooked

Try These:

  • Medium
    Bumbleberry Turnovers

    Hand pies or turnovers? Regardless of what you call them, they are delicious!

  • Easy
    Pumpkin Tarts

    Tired of the whole pie? Try mini tarts!

  • Medium

    From large cupcakes to bite-sized mini, these are perfect for every day or birthday.

  • Medium
    Petites Tourtieres

    For a change, we have made these tasty savoury pies mini.

  • Medium
    Turkey and Quinoa Mini Meat Loaves

    Healthy, nutritious, and pop in your mouth goodness.

  • Easy
    Mini Sausage Quiches

    Quiches are easy with pre-made tart shells.

Muffin to Loaves

Have a favourite muffin or loaf recipe but want to make it the other way? We have the information to do just that.