Happy Halloween!

Whether you are close together or far apart, here are some ways to enjoy some Halloween fun this year. Have a SPOOK-tacular Halloween!


Flashlight Tag  

All you need is a flashlight and a dark location for this non-contact game. Make sure you give clear boundaries before you start as they can be easy to miss in the dark. 

Cookie/Cupcake Decorating 

Something that can be done either together or at a distance. Allow kids to decorate their own ghoulish confection. Give each participant their own labelled, icing filled piping bag and container of sprinkles and decorating items. Your kids will love showing off their one of a kind confection to each other.  

Scavenger Hunt 

Great for younger kids if they have a picture list. Have kids collect their scavenger hunt items in their trick or treat bags and see who collects all the items first. 

Treasure Hunt  

Great for older kids. Take your kids on a hunt around the community leading them to their own individual Halloween candy stash.  

Candy Apples/Popcorn Balls

Securely hang treats from several branches on a sturdy tree and see who can eat their treat the fastest without using their hands.  

Pumpkin Carving  

A great activity for you to do as a family or organize a group video call with your friends to see who’s top carver. Start with cleaned out pumpkins and a time limit.  

Halloween Party Recipes

  • Dessert
    Bumbleberry Turnovers

    Bumbleberry, a mixture of berries, rhubarb and apple, comes from the Canadian East Coast. We’ve made ours into deliciously flaky turnovers. 

  • Baking
    Black Forest Cookies

    The combination of chocolate and dried cherries earns these cookies their “black forest” name. With only 1/4 cup of flour in the whole batch, these decadent treats have a uniquely light and chewy texture.

  • Desserts
    White Chocolate Haystacks

    Our white chocolate haystacks are a quick, easy recipe your family can make all year round. White chocolate and pretzels with a hint of coconut will have you reaching for another.

  • Baking
    Witches' Finger Cookies

    These creepy cookies are decorated to look like witch fingers. They’re perfect for a Halloween party. 

  • Snacks
    Edamame Hummus

    Edamame are immature soybeans, most often served in the pod as an appetizer at Japanese restaurants. They’re also available shelled and frozen in most Canadian grocery stores. Use them in place of chickpeas to make a bright green fresh-tasting hummus.

  • Desserts
    Popcorn Balls

    These fun popcorn treats make for a festive addition to your holiday spread. Adding food colouring, sprinkles or dried fruit are great ways to change them up for any occasion.

  • Drinks
    Bloody Mary Punch

    Make a jug of this classic breakfast cocktail next time you have company over for brunch. The vodka is optional (you can add it to individual glasses if you have a mix of imbibers and non-drinkers in the house) and you can add extra horseradish and hot sauce if you like your drinks extra spicy.

  • Snacks
    Roasted Beet Dip

    This bright red beet dip looks as good as it tastes. We flavour it with roasted garlic, lemon juice, cumin and chili powder. Serve it with pita chips or melba toast.

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