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10 Fun and Easy Winter Family Activities

Enjoy winter to its fullest

The winter months can be long. So, whether you are stuck inside with –30°C temperatures or wanting to get outside to enjoy all the snowy adventures, we can help! We have put together some fun family activities, from making snow paint to having an outdoor picnic and from doing indoor crafts to cooking so that you can go beyond skating, skiing and tobogganing and enjoy winter to its fullest! 

  • Outdoor Fun
    • How To
      Snow Paint


      A snow-covered yard makes for the perfect blank canvas! Quickly mix up our Snow Paints recipe and get outside for some artsy family fun! 

    • How to
      Build with colourful Ice Blocks

      Forget the Lego! Make your own cool ice blocks and have fun building outside! As a bonus, your block designs can stay up as colourful art to brighten up your yard. 

    • How to
      Feed Our Feathered Friends!

      Gather your pinecones, make a homemade bird feeder, then go on a winter walk to find the perfect spot to hang your new creation. Find a snowy seat and sit back and enjoy watching the birds! 

    • How to
      Make frozen bubbles

      Who says bubbles are just for summer? If you make them just right, bubbles can freeze into beautiful, crystalized orbs. This can take some patience and experimentation, but the payoff is worth it. Make a batch of our homemade bubble solution and wait for a chilly day below –10°C for the best results. 

    • Menu Plan
      Plan a winter picnic

      Plan a day full of outdoor adventuring and don’t forget the picnic! Skiing, skating, snowshoeing, or sledding, they all have at least one thing in common – they work up an appetite! No need to rush inside to eat; come prepared by planning a Winter Picnic. 

  • Indoor Fun
    • How to
      Experiment making salt crystal ornaments
    • How to
      Make sock gnomes

      Sock Gnomes might just become your new best friends.  Have fun making these cute little decorations that can be customized to suit any occasion! 

    • Easy
      Homemade playdough

      Make up colourful playdough with just a handful of ingredients you probably already have on hand.  Let your imagination take over as you mold your Cooked Playdough into whatever shapes and creations you desire.   

    • How to
      Get cooking

      Get the whole family involved with making your next meal! Gather some ingredients and pick out some favourite recipes from our Recipes for Young Chefs to get started. Have fun as everyone takes turns mixing, stirring, chopping and learning valuable new kitchen skills. 

    • How to
      Make homemade Rain Sticks and get musical

      This fun and easy craft will come together quickly and leave you with a new musical instrument to play along to your favourite songs.