Menu Plans

Plan a Winter Picnic

Enjoy Winter!

Think picnics are just for warm weather? Think again! Enjoy the great outdoors, snow and all, by planning a winter picnic!  


  How to Prepare 

  • Plan your winter picnic around a fun outdoor activity like skating, sledding, snow shoeing or skiing. This way you will have the chance to move around and warm up!  
  • Make sure everyone is prepared for the weather! Dress in layers and bring an extra layer just in case it’s colder than expected. Wear boots, hats, scarves, winter jackets, snow pants and gloves.  
  • Check the weather before you go. If it’s colder than -25°C, consider scheduling for another day. Frostbite can happen quickly!  
  • Bring a large tarp to put on the ground to sit on and throw a thick blanket or sleeping bag on top so you have somewhere for everyone to sit down. Alternatively, use a picnic table so you aren’t sitting directly on the cold ground.  
  • Bring extra blankets to wrap around yourself or to cozy up with someone else. 
  • Gather around a fire! If there are firepits where you plan to picnic, bring firewood, paper and matches so you can start a fire to keep warm. You can also bring along roasting sticks to roast hot dogs and marshmallows for a fun and easy lunch idea. 
  • Don’t forget a thermos or two. A thermos is great for coffee and hot chocolate but can also be used to hold hot soup, chili or stew!  
  • Prepare food like sandwiches and snacks ahead of time and bring them all ready to go.  If it’s chilly out, you can eat when you're hungry and won't have to stand around waiting for food to be prepared. 
  • Hot Drinks
    Cranberry Apple Cider
    S'More Hot Chocolate
    A winter's Night Coffee
  • Hot Foods
    Very Vegetarian Chili
    Hungarian Goulash Soup
    Turkey Mulligatawny Soup
    Greek Chicken and Rice Soup
  • Make Aheads
    Lunch Box Mini Baglewiches
    Trail Mix Cookies
    Country Style Buttermilk Biscuits

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