Back to School

Back to School

Schools back and there is so much more to consider besides school supplies and back to school clothes. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by it all, you’re not alone – we can help!! We have put together some helpful guides and household tips as well as recipes for school or work lunches and quick weeknight meals to get you through this challenging time. 

Featured Recipes

  • Quick Breakfast
    Jiffy Eggs

    When mornings are a scramble to get ready for work or school, try these nutritious breakfast eggs, a perfect solution because they are ready to eat - in a jiffy!

  • Snacks
    Funky Monkey Snacks

    If your kids are tired of granola bars, try these tasty and nutritious snacks. They are so simple to make and are a perfect alternative to pack in school lunches.

  • Lunch
    Mediterranean Wraps

    Get all the flavour of a Greek salad in a wrap sandwich. These rolled tortillas are filled with cucumber, tomato and our tangy Feta Filling.

  • Dinner Solutions
    Ginger Beef

    This beef stir-fry is a lighter version of the Chinese restaurant classic. Serve this ginger and hoisin-flavoured dish over rice or noodles for a quick weeknight dinner.