Canada Day

Oh Canada!

Fire up the grill for a summer barbecue inspired by the colours and flavours of Canada. From backyard barbecues to frozen goodies, here are ideas to help you treat yourself and others this Canada Day.

Fire up the grill

  • Mains
    Maple Glazed Ribs

    These pork back ribs are cooked on the barbecue. Brush them with a sticky maple soy glaze for the last 10 minutes of cooking.

  • Sides
    Barbecued Bannock Biscuits

    Bannock, a staple of Indigenous cuisine, is often cooked over an open fire. This recipe lets you make fluffy bannock-style biscuits in a cast iron skillet on your barbeque. The brick placed between the pan and the grill gives the biscuits some distance from the heat and keeps them from overbrowning.

  • Mains
    Grilled Cod with Horseradish Dill Butter

    Cod fillets are dense enough to stand up to a boldly flavoured horseradish and dill butter. The texture of the fish also makes cod easy to cook on the barbecue.

  • Sides
    Smoky Baked Beans

    These spicy-sweet baked beans get their smoky flavour from canned chipotle peppers, which are smoke-dried jalapenos. Serve them as a side dish at your next barbecue.

  • Mains
    Butterflied Buttermilk Marinated Chicken

    Butterflying, also known as spatchcocking, requires cutting open a whole chicken and removing the backbone and breastbone so that it can lay flat on the barbecue. A butterflied chicken cooks more quickly and evenly than an intact bird. This recipe calls for the chicken to be marinated in buttermilk for moist and tender meat.

  • Mains
    Beef and Bison Kebabs

    Do you prefer beef or bison? Get a taste of both with these grilled skewers. Both meats are marinated in a sweet and spicy sauce for extra flavour.

Menu Plan

Backyard Barbecue

Warm sunny days means it’s barbecue season. Let us inspire you with our selection of delicious menus using some of our favourite recipes.

Red, White and Maple

  • Mains
    Maple Mustard Salmon

    Maple works so wonderfully with salmon and a touch of Dijon mustard. This delicious dish cooks up quickly on the barbecue in a foil packet.

  • Desserts
    Strawberry Angel Food Bruschetta

    This dessert “bruschetta” is a mix of chopped strawberries, orange liqueur, marmalade and vanilla. Serve it spooned over grilled slices of angel food cake for a backyard barbecue dessert.

  • Sauces & Seasonings
    Bourbon Maple Syrup

    Serve this flavourful bourbon-spiked syrup with pancakes, waffles or French toast.

  • Breakfast & Brunch
    Maple Glazed Bacon

    Bacon is always a treat, but for something extra special bake it in the oven with maple syrup. You’ll end up with a salty candied breakfast delicacy.

  • Sides
    Warm Cherry Tomatoes with Goat Cheese

    Gently warm cherry tomatoes before combining them with goat cheese and basil for this unique take on a tomato salad.

  • Desserts
    Saskatoon Berry Crisp

    A true backyard dessert, this crisp is cooked on top of bricks on the barbecue. The filling is a delicious blend of Saskatoon berries, maple syrup and spices.

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