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Gourmet Burgers and Dogs

Burgers and Hot Dogs

We all have our favourite burgers and hot dogs but sometimes it is nice to change it up. Impress your family and friends by kicking it up a notch with some gourmet flavour combinations and creations. We have put together our favourites to help inspire you.


Burgers are probably one of the most popular international sandwiches around. They are available from fast-food chains to food trucks and from local pubs to high-end restaurants. If you've been wanting to up your burger game, try some of our gourmet worthy recipes:

  • Easy
    Range Burgers

    Make your burgers special occasion-worthy by packing the patties with three kinds of meat: beef, bison and pork. We season these juicy barbecued burgers with Our Signature Steak Spice.

  • Easy
    Black Bean Burgers with Garden Salsa

    Make your own veggie burgers with a combination of mashed black beans, breadcrumbs, egg and spices. These burgers are great with our fresh Garden Salsa, a mild combination of cucumber, bell pepper, onion, lime and dill.

  • Medium
    Chicken Burgers with Mango Mayonnaise

    Give your chicken burgers a tropical twist with a smear of mango-spiked mayo. Slices of fresh mango further brighten up these flavourful ground chicken patties.

  • Easy
    Greek Lamb Burgers

    These grilled lamb burgers are packed with roasted red peppers, spinach and oregano for big Greek-inspired flavour. Serve them on traditional hamburger buns or thick pita along with our Lemon Feta Aioli.

  • Medium
    Beer and Pretzel Burgers

    Crushed pretzels give these juicy beer-spiked burger patties some extra crunch. Top them with our mouth-watering Beer-B-Q Onions.

  • Medium
    Vietnamese Pork Burgers

    These ground pork patties get their Vietnamese flavour from lemongrass, ginger, kaffir lime leaves and fish sauce. Garnish them with our Pickled Carrots and other typically Vietnamese ingredients for a barbecued version of a bahn mi sandwich.

  • Easy
    Salmon Burgers with Tomato Aioli

    Make your own dill and lemon-flavoured salmon patties for these delicious fish burgers. We like serving them with our homemade Sesame Hamburger Buns and tangy Tomato Aioli.

  • Medium

    Impress your guests with these amazing burgers, we glammed them up with the works, including grilled onions and a Basil Aioli. 

Hot Dogs

This classic picnic and stadium food have been given a gourmet treatment. Hot dogs can be made using any type of sausage and topped with a variety of different condiments. Serve one of these elevated hot dogs on your next game day.

  • Medium
    Sausage Dogs with Mustard Sauce

    Our tangy yogurt-based mustard sauce goes perfectly with juicy pork sausages.

  • Medium
    Bacon Wrapped Sausage Dogs

    Upgrade your backyard hotdogs with these bacon-wrapped grilled sausages on a baguette. Dress them up with sauerkraut, some of our sweet and spicy Apricot Barbecue Sauce and a dab of our homemade Yellow Mustard.

  • Easy
    Mustard Sauced Bratwurst

    Grilled sausages love to be paired with mustard. Making your own mustard sauce is easy and more delicious than store-bought versions.

  • Medium
    Diggity Dogs

    We brought the heat to this classic picnic favourite by adding chipotle peppers and salsa. Serve at your next backyard barbecue or on game day. 

  • Easy
    Saucy Salsa Dogs

    We took this classic hot dog and slathered it in a tasty smoky barbecue sauce. Serve with our Creamy Coleslaw for a quick weeknight meal.

  • Easy
    Top Dogs

    We added some zip to this sausage dog by replacing sauerkraut with a crunchy coleslaw made with mustard and horseradish. Serve this as a quick meal on a busy night.