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Stone Fruits

Deliciously Juicy Stone Fruits

Our summers are short so make the most of fresh produce like stone fruits. Whether you eat them fresh, barbecued, or baked, or can or freeze for later, these recipes will help make a summer memory. 

Stone fruits – juicy peaches, nectarines, cherries, apricots and plums – are a part of summer. They are so good to enjoy by themselves, but did you know that you can also bake with them or add them to savoury dishes? 


  • Medium
    Peach Cobbler

    A cobbler consists of a biscuit-like dough baked over top of a fruit filling. This recipe offers a great way to use up your summer peaches and is much easier to make than a traditional pie.

  • Medium
    Pork Lettuce Wraps with Peach Salsa

    Lettuce wraps are a great way to serve up tasty fillings without using bread. These crispy wraps are filled with strips of pan-fried pork marinated with Asian-inspired flavours. Top them with our deliciously fresh Peach Salsa.

  • Easy
    Summer Peach Pie

    Packed with fresh peaches, this pie is a summer classic. Make it even more delicious with our homemade buttermilk pastry.

  • Difficult
    Peach Chutney

    This savoury chutney is a perfect pairing with barbecue pork or chicken and is a welcome addition to a charcuterie board or cheese platter as an appetizer.


  • Easy
    Grilled Nectarines with Honey Cream

    Nectarines cook up beautifully on the barbecue. We glaze these with honey and balsamic vinegar and drizzle them with honey vanilla cream for an easy summer dessert.

  • Medium
    Pannekoek with Summer Fruit and Goat Cheese

    A pannekoek is a large, thin Dutch pancake. We top this one with nectarines, peaches, apricots and goat cheese and roll it up like a crepe. Serve it for brunch or as a light dessert.

  • Easy
    Easy Nectarine Crisp

    Fresh nectarines are a delightful addition to an old-fashioned fruit crisp. We give this summertime dessert a twist by making a gingersnap crust in place of more typical rolled oats.


  • Easy
    Warm Brandied Cherries

    You don’t even have to go inside to prepare these brandy-spiked cooked cherries. Cook them up on your barbecue then serve them warm over ice cream for a delicious backyard dessert.

  • Medium
    Sour Cherry Pie

    Sour cherries are usually too tart to eat off the tree, but they do make a delicious pie! Use your favourite variety of sour cherry to make this classic summer dessert.

  • Difficult
    Evans Cherry Jam

    Evans cherries are sour cherries that grow well in the prairie provinces. They’re generally too tart to snack on, but you can turn your backyard Evans cherries into a delicious jam. Use this spread on toast, as part of a cheese plate or as a topping on desserts.

  • Easy
    Cherry Lime Smoothie Pops

    These frozen Greek yogurt pops are a healthy fruit-filled summer treat.


  • Difficult
    Spicy Peach and Apricot Jam

    This jam is reminiscent of a summer peach pie because we added cinnamon and allspice for added flavour.

  • Difficult
    Prize Apricot Jam

    Get a taste of the tropics every morning with our Prize Apricot Jam where we combined apricots with pineapple and oranges. Yum!


  • Medium
    Grilled Fruit with Honey Mint Sauce

    This barbecued dessert really lets the natural flavours of nectarines and plums shine.