Pack a Picnic

Enjoy a Picnic

Picnics are the ultimate summer activity. We have put together our favourite picnic-worthy recipes as well as helpful tips on planning and packing a cooler so that you can enjoy a family fun day at the park, the beach or the trails. 

Picnic Tips

Picnics can be elegant and formal, casual and impromptu and everything in between. Here are our top tips to go with our favourite picnic-friendly recipes.

  • Keep the menu simple with fewer choices, interesting recipes and some favourite foods.

  • Pack perishable food carefully. See our guide on How To Pack A Cooler.

  • Take lots of wipes or cloths to clean picnic tables, benches or faces and sticky fingers. Take hand sanitizer to use before eating.

  • Take dishes that will work with your food choices. Thin paper plates absorb moisture and can’t be used to easily cut food on. Disposable glasses and cutlery are often too flimsy and may result in accidents. 

  • Choose sturdy foods and fillings that won’t fall apart. Ready-filled bagels or buns and burgers that need few condiments are good choices. Cut-up vegetables, ready-to-eat chicken wings, hand pies and cookies are easy to eat without needing plates or cutlery.

  • Individually pack foods such as salads or dips in small jars, cut up sandwiches and desserts at home, and have fruit such as watermelon cut and ready to serve.

  • Take enough water to keep everyone well hydrated. Try flavoured waters rather than sugary drinks.