How to Host a Christmas Party

The beginner's guide to hosting a Christmas party

Bringing together family and friends and celebrating is what Christmas is all about. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a few friends or the whole extended family coming over, entertaining can sometimes be stressful. Let us help guide you through hosting a holiday gathering. We’ve got party tips and potluck recipes to guide you through, so you can concentrate on spending time with loved ones instead of being in a party panic.

Cocktail Party

A big gathering with cocktails –or mocktails –and tasty foods to nibble is a great way to host a crowd. It gives everyone a chance to mingle and celebrate and you won’t be missing the party by being stuck in the kitchen. These appetizers are perfect fare for a gathering like this. All of them can be made the day before, or even up to a month in advance. Just remember that when planning the appetizers, each person will eat about 3 to 4 cold and 6 to 8 hot appetizers. 


Potluck Party

Many hands make light work –that’s one great reason to host a potluck during the holiday season. With everyone contributing food to the dinner or party, hosting is much simpler. A few tips will help make planning –and the party –run smoothly.

  1.     Start by deciding how many people will participate in the potluck and then divide up the courses.
  2.     Email a signup sheet that everyone can share to make sure there is enough food in different courses –appetizers, salads, side dishes, main dishes and desserts. This will also prevent repeat dishes.
  3.     Ask your guests to bring their beverage of choice or include it as an assigned course.
  4.     Have your guests write their names on the bottom of their serving dish, so there’s less confusion when cleaning up.
  5.     Set up your potluck like a buffet, with all the dishes, besides dessert, brought out at the same time. Dessert can then be served after with tea and coffee.
  6. Make sure you have enough serving utensils and cutlery, or ask your guests to bring some along with their dishes.


Here are some great recipes if you decide to host or if you are invited to someone else’s house.

Holiday Hosting Checklist

When counting down to a party, it’s great to have a guideline of what needs to get done. Follow along with our checklist so you’re full prepared.