Menu Plans

How To

Why Menu Plan?

Taking a little time on the weekend to plan out the coming week meals can help you save time and money during the week. By planning ahead you will avoid last minute trips for groceries and buying items you will end up throwing out. With a planned menu you can shop for exactly what you need and you can plan accordingly with sales!


How to Plan your Menu

Set aside about an hour on the weekend, possibly Saturday so you have time to shop Sunday, and go through fliers and coupons to find what is on special. Then go through your cookbooks or favourite recipe sites and find recipes that you can use with those ingredients.


Get Started

1. Print off one of our menu planners:

2. Browse our menu pages and select recipes from the different themes.

3. Fill in your planner with the recipe names and begin to build your shopping list.


Helpful Tips

  • Look at your schedule – busy Wednesday? Make extra on Tuesday so you don’t have to cook again.

  • Ask your family if they want to try anything. Giving them some input could prevent them from grumbling around the table. Also, post the menu on the fridge. This way they will know what is for dinner, and possibly even get things started for you…

  • Look ahead – if you have to cut up carrots for tonight’s dinner and tomorrow's, cut enough for both nights at once.

  • Organize your shopping list – to prevent having to run back when already in line.