Menu Plans

Holiday Gathering

A Small Holiday Gathering

Even though our holiday gatherings will be much smaller this year, we can still celebrate the season and enjoy a traditional family meal. We've put together a variety of smaller holiday-worthy menus to help you out so that you can still enjoy a festive holiday meal with your family and friends. Happy Holidays!

Featured Recipes:

  • Main
    Festive Stuffed Turkey Breast

    Slice up this turkey breast and serve it on a platter to reveal the bread and celery stuffing inside. This is an elegant way to serve turkey when you just have a few people together for Christmas.

  • Side
    Mashed Potatoes with Brie

    Stir some brie cheese into your mashed potatoes for an extra creamy version of the classic side dish.

  • Side
    Green Beans Amandine with Marjoram

    We use frozen green beans to put together this classic side dish. The marjoram adds a slightly pine-like flavour.

  • Dessert
    Chocolate Truffle Squares

    This dessert is a chocolate lover’s dream. We top a chocolate cookie crust with a gooey coffee liqueur-spiked chocolate truffle filling.

Meals for Special Occasions

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