Menu Plans

Holiday Gathering

A Small Holiday Gathering

Even though our holiday gatherings will be much smaller this year, we can still celebrate the season and enjoy a traditional family meal. We have put together a variety of smaller holiday-worthy menus to help you out so that you can still enjoy a festive holiday meal with your family and friends when you join them virtually over brunch or dinner. Happy Holidays!

Featured Recipes:

  • Brunch
    Smoked Salmon Baked Eggs

    This delicious brunch casserole is guaranteed to impress. Start by making a bacon, leek and sweet potato hash, then bake it in the oven with smoked salmon and freshly cracked eggs.

  • Brunch
    Potato Breakfast Frittata

    Bake this large frittata in a rectangular baking dish. Packed with potatoes, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese and cheddar, it’s a great recipe to make when you’re serving brunch to guests.

  • Dinner
    Spice Rubbed Roast Duck

    This elegant Asian-inspired roast duck is flavoured with Chinese five-spice powder and dried juniper berries. Serve this special occasion entrée with our sweet Ginger Hoisin Sauce.

  • Dinner
    Semolina Crusted Salmon with Yogurt and Dill

    This dish is a BFK staff favourite! The presentation is beautiful, and we love the contrast of the crispy crust on the salmon with the cool creamy yogurt. 

Meals for Special Occasions

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